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Lost Notes

See an example, as a pixel game, here.

Leaving notes for the player to read is a classic storytelling method in video games. In this game, you are the mysterious character leaving the notes! You will compose four notes for the player to find. The player may be another character or yourself.

You will need:
For each of the first three sections, roll the die once to find your setting, character, and the type of note you will make. Then, for each of the last four sections, roll the die to find three topics you must mention in that note. For each note, keep rolling until you have three unique topics.

The notes can be as long or as short as you want, as long as you include the three chosen topics for each note. If you roll "Name of another character" for multiple notes, this can be the same character or different characters. Remember that the interpretations of the topics don't have to be literal!

  1. Setting (roll once)
    1. Castle
    2. School
    3. Laboratory
    4. Call centre
    5. Factory
    6. Hotel
  2. Character (roll once)
    1. Archaeologist
    2. Schoolchild
    3. Grandparent
    4. Travel blogger
    5. Artist
    6. Cleaner
  3. Type of note (roll once)
    1. Journal entry
    2. Letter
    3. Email
    4. Voicemail
    5. Instruction manual
    6. Note to self
  4. Note 1 (roll until you have three unique topics)
    1. Anticipated event
    2. Name of another character
    3. Favourite food
    4. Favourite hobby
    5. Piece of furniture
    6. Piece of clothing
  5. Note 2 (roll until you have three unique topics)
    1. Type of natural disaster
    2. Favourite colour
    3. Name of another character
    4. Piece of technology
    5. Room of a house
    6. Human body part
  6. Note 3 (roll until you have three unique topics)
    1. Name of another character
    2. Type of injury
    3. Mode of transport
    4. Job or profession
    5. Type of monster
    6. Favourite book
  7. Note 4 (roll until you have three unique topics)
    1. Animal body part
    2. Unpleasant smell
    3. Least favourite game
    4. Name of a country
    5. Something sticky
    6. Name of another character

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