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Creature Creator

You have created a featureless creature. Right now it's just a blob. It would be cruel to leave it this way! Let's give it some body parts...

You will need:
First, let's find out what kinds of body parts it has. Take two visibly distinct six-sided dice or roll the same die twice. Designate one die as Yes and the other as No or, if using one die, designate one roll as Yes and the other as No.

Roll the Yes and No dice six times each, corresponding to six different body parts. Whichever die has a higher value determines whether your creature has each body part. For example, when rolling for eyes, if the Yes die equals 1 and the No die equals 4, then the creature does not have eyes. If the dice have equal values, think of a body part that's not on the list and give it to your creature instead of the body part you originally rolled for. For example, if when rolling for noses the dice both score 2, you could choose to give your creature horns instead. Do not use this power responsibly.

Body parts (roll Yes and No dice once each for each body part):
  1. Eyes
  2. Mouths
  3. Noses
  4. Legs
  5. Wings
  6. Tails

Now, let's find out how many of each body part your creature has. For each body part with a Yes outcome, including those you have invented due to a draw, make one roll with a single die. Whatever number you get, that's how many your creature gets! For example, if you rolled Yes for mouths, legs, and wings, and then rolled 3, 5, and 1, respectively, your creature has three mouths, five legs, and one wing.

If you like, you can draw your creature and give it a name. In any case, you must cherish your creation.

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